Good Garlic Aioli

Condiments are a ubiquitous ingredient across all cultures, often add that final touch to a dish. Mayo, mustard, ketchup, soy sauce, etc. are staples in many American homes and sold en mass at grocery stores. However some condiments are so easy to make at home that it is a fun flavorful way to spice up your meal.… Read More Good Garlic Aioli


Beautiful Baklava

Winter is the time for baked desserts. The cold, snowy evenings call for the oven to be turned on and heavenly scented sweet treats to be made. Cookies and cakes are often the most common items made, but for less common dish I like to make baklava. Baklava is a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dessert. It has… Read More Beautiful Baklava


Crazy Stuffed Calzone

Winter time can be a long season to get through. The long nights and cold weather makes me want to stay bundled up under a blanket. However, the cold weather also makes me crave the absolutely delicious hot comfort foods I love. There is a lack of seasonal produce around this time, meaning to cook… Read More Crazy Stuffed Calzone