Mexican Street Corn

One of the rules of blogging is to try to keep a regular posting schedule and never let your site look too neglected. Sadly I’ve been doing both. Creating a cooking blog was a fun experiment and something that I’ve always wanted to try. I really enjoy cooking. I don’t come from a strong cooking… Read More Mexican Street Corn


Beet Pesto Pizza

Summer is already more than half way over and the days have become long and hot. It’s perfect beach or picnic weather, and I have been taking advantage of it when I can. It luckily has not been as dry as last year, and everything is bright and green. Although it is certainly more humid,… Read More Beet Pesto Pizza


Just Beet It Pesto

Mid summer means the weather is getting hotter, and the days are long. People are enjoying time outside at the beach, traveling, or grilling in their own backyard. The summer has had plenty of rain this year, and the neighborhood foliage and flowers are thriving. One of my favorite summer activities is sitting in the… Read More Just Beet It Pesto


Presto! Spinach Pesto

It’s finally summer again. The weather has turned hot and the days are long. This year so far has not been as dry as last year. We are getting a good amount of rain and my balcony garden is flourishing. Each year, the early summer mean fresh vegetables will be coming from my farm share… Read More Presto! Spinach Pesto


Hoppin’ Beer Bread

Ahh vacation is the best time to have a change from daily life and routine, but it means that today’s post is a bit late. Craft beer making is popular around here and can sometimes boarder on obsession. I don’t currently do any brewing, but there are many local breweries all over the Northeast with… Read More Hoppin’ Beer Bread


Mushroom Miso Soup

It’s finally showing signs of spring. The weather is a pleasant cool temperature, and the trees are turning a spring green color. The farms are beginning to ramp up their operations, but the first full harvest will not be ready till early June. However, the cool temperatures mean that a hot soup is perfect for… Read More Mushroom Miso Soup


Wonderful Whipped Cream

Today will be a short post. Whipped cream is quite literally the crème de la crème of dessert toppings. The perfect addition to pies and cakes, soft airy cream mellows out very sweet or tart desserts. This recipe is a classic version of basic whipped cream that my Mom and Grandmother always made. Perfect on… Read More Wonderful Whipped Cream


Maple Pouding Chômeur

It’s maple sugar season! As the last of winter drags on, one of the first signs of spring is sugaring season. In the Northeast USA and Southeast Canada, maple trees begin the process of moving sugar sap from their roots and trunk to the branches, feeding the budding leaves. The cycle of warm days but… Read More Maple Pouding Chômeur


Total Tortilla Española

Tapas are the Spanish version of appetizers which are fun and easy way to entertain without making a grand dinner. Historically, tapas were small food offerings to guests at Spanish inns. Now, tapas are often served in the late afternoon at bars to pair with beer and wine selections. Patrons will linger with a drink, chatting… Read More Total Tortilla Española